Sunday, August 5, 2007

Reflections while YouTubing

On this dreary and muggy day, I decided to check out old Amy Grant videos. I came across this one. One of the comments indicated the viewer liked that the song was about talking to another person and not about the other sex or some concept:

So I checked out the lyrics. It's not about one person talking to another. It's about a conscience speaking to a person. What a concept!

Anyway, it's too bad we don't actually listen to our consciences when it's warning us that we're about to sin.

And it's too bad that Amy has at least one instance that the whole world knows she didn't listen ...

Assuming that she's repented and made peace with God, fine. I'm just saying ...

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Daina said...

Hi! I saw your comment over my way, and I wondered if the St. Mary's you are at might be the city or county in Maryland. I know there are a lot of St. Mary's out there, but it came to mind since I'm not TOO far from the Maryland one.