Thursday, July 26, 2007

Who Would have Guessed This?

Some women delude themselves into thinking they got ordained last weekend in Santa Barbara.

Besides their gender deviating from the Catholic priest norm, neither of the two deacons ordained Sunday — who are scheduled for re-ordination as priests on July 28 — is celibate. Norma Coon, of San Diego, has been married for 40 years. Toni Tortorilla, of Portland, lives with her lesbian partner. Cordero, a newly anointed priest who lives in San Luis Obispo, is a former nun who has been married for 30 years to a former Jesuit priest.

And they know what they are doing is wrong. The reporter/photopher had to swear to secrecy about the location of the pseudo-ordination and the nuns who attended. They won't tell anyone who "ordained" the pretend womynbishop who laid hands on these deluded womyn.

It doesn't matter. None of them are ordained. No delible mark of character. Sorry. Let's move on.

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Timothy said...

>"swear to secrecy about the location"

Ok, how secret is a group of nuns that have withdrawn from the Catholic Church and run their own retreat center?

"The real story of La Casa de Maria is that of a group of courageous women who, ahead of their time in 1970, determined to meet the needs of the times in fearless fashion. In service to these needs, The Sisters of The Immaculate Heart gave up their official ties to the Roman Catholic Church to become a lay community."

The walls in the newspaper photo match the walls in this photo taken at the same location:

God bless...